Hacking the Nintendo Powerglove

Everyone loves the 80s! Everyone loves Cyberpunk! So lets hack on the Powerglove! It's so bad!

Tips for a budding Masters Student in Bioinformatics

So I've submitted the thesis, had the viva, gotten the result and it's the end of a two year stint at trying bioinformatics. How did it go?

The Cybar at EMF 2018

The first themed area at Electromagnetic Field Camp - The Cyberpunk Cybar

Metaballs on the Arty FPGA

I've been working with my friend Will on some FPGA graphics demos. This one draws metaballs - a funky oldskool effect

Sequence classification and labelling for protein loops

Sequences appear a lot in biology, as you might expect. A and C and T and G, or ASP, GLY, VAL, PRO and many others. Looking for patterns in this data is half of the battle. Looking for patterns in the mountain of data is a herculian task. No wonder we are trying to teach machines to look for patterns.

Hydroponics build with the EMF Tilda badge

I decided to improve on my old hydroponics setup, with some proper pumps, pipework and the EMF tilda badge.

Attempting to modify e-coli with CRISPR in my bathroom

I figured I'd see what all these wetlab biologists are getting up to and give it a go myself.

Reading ROMs from a scanning electron microscope

For some reason, HacDC has a scanning electron microscope, and it might just work

Protein Loops in Tensorflow - A.I Bio Part 2

How can we go from a list of amino acids to a full 3D structure, using just a neural network?

Writing a electron microscopy python plugin for ChimeraX

Electron microscopy data is getting pretty big in the bioinformatics world at the moment. As a side project, I've been porting some EM software to ChimeraX.

Learning how to AI and Biology at the same time - Part 1

I've been spending most of my time these days learning AI and biology. Here's the first part of what I've been up to.

Making a 3D Scanning Dome - Part 2

The second part of building a 3D scanning dome. This time, we deal with skins and cameras

Programming an Android Zotero Client - Part 1

I've started writing an Android application. It's almost ready for release on the Google Store. This is the first time I've properly ventured into the app-economy. It's been an interesting few months thus far. I have a few tips for these starting out.

Making a 3D Scanning Dome - Part 1

I'm keen to scan quite a few objects and I figured building a proper scanning rig would be a good start.

Setup for the Scarab miniSpartan3 FPGA

I bought a miniSpartan3 a long time ago and now it's tricky to get them to work but I've found a way.

Keeping track of a load of Molerats

How do you improve an existing project for a long term study of animal behaviour

word2vec, Tensorflow and Vector Counts

Doing natural language processing for science!

An Electronic Wedding Invitation

Possibly one of the nerdiest wedding invitations ever.

Twitter meets SVM and Deep Learning

Support Vector Machines and Deep Learning are pretty hot right now, especially when it comes to text processing. I thought I'd have a play.

PXLjs WebGL Engine first version

I've been working away on a pet project for some time now and it's hit the point where I feel I can say that a version of it, is there and more or less working.

Electronic Magnetic Field Camp 2016

EMFCamp happened this year and I helped out with the First Aid Team. Here is how it went down.

Electronic Patient Report Forms for EMFCamp 2016

The Electronic Patient Report Form lives again, stonger, faster, more crypted!

Go-lang and CMake

How to make CMake and Go play nicely together for continuous integration, fun and profit

BSides London 2016

Possibly the best little security conference in London. This year, docker, R and static analysis, with some Linux Rootkits thrown in.

Fortran, CUDA and Fluid Dynamics

Fortran is still popular! Who knew? Definitely alive and well in High Performance Computing.

Writing a password management page in Go

Using Go in Anger for a Password Management page


FOSDEM is the premier conference for all things open-source

Modding a Theremin

My partner loves playing music so I built her a theremin.

Building a SmartWatch Part 1

I've embarked on a project to make my own smart-watch.

Transsiberian Slitscan

How I made the transsiberian slitscan image.


Pretty much der world uber hacker-festival. We went over to Germany to drink Club Mate and make things in a field.

R2kS - A Novel Measure for Comparing Gene Expression Based on Ranked Gene Lists

An MPI based version of the algorithm described by Ni and Vingron, using dynamic programming to compute the Kolmogorov-Smirnov statistic.

Giant Tetris on a building; RI Xmas Lectures

Rebuilding the UTOPIA Toolkit with the University of Manchester

UTOPIA Bio-informatics Toolkit

Rebuilding the UTOPIA Toolkit with the University of Manchester

Bullseye's playground for Target and Psyop

Working with Psyop in NY for Target's mobile winter branding

Oyster Card RFID Ring Mk3

I've been playing around with RFID Rings for a while now. Using a ring to control access to the hackspace door, as an Oyster card (yeah, I said it - I'm sure TFL don't really care) and generally as a way to interact with things is quite fun and cool. I've made some progress from the last version and significantly improved on it.

Seven Languages in Seven Weeks

More like Seven Languages in Seven Months! :D I started out on this course with the best of intentions but after about 3 weeks, things began to slow down. Nevertheless, I've been determined to finish it, or at least put as much effort in as I could.

Echoforms at Lexus NX Launch

Taking Echo-forms to the Paris launch party for Lexus NX

900 RGB LED Screen

900 LED Pixel Screen for EMFCamp2014

Nook Patient Report Forms

Running Patient Report forms on a nook instead of with paper

Kaleidoscope for Lexus

A CoffeeGL based Kaleidoscope

The Equatorie

Re-creating an historical artifact that never was

Revision Demo Scene Party

A visit to a weekend of pretty graphics!

Oculus Rift, meet Phantom Limb Therapy

Merging the Oculus Rift, the Kinect and custom graphics to treat Phantom Limb sufferers

Phantom Limb Dev Diary Part 4

The final installment of the Phantom Limb Project Dev-Diary

Phantom Limb Dev Diary Part 3

Phantom Limb needs a graphics engine.

Phantom Limb Dev Diary Part 2

The second installment of the Phantom Limb Project


Wearable tech done right!

Phantom Limb Dev Diary Part 1

The first installment of the Phantom Limb Project

Another year for S9

The first full year of making sure I can still eat.

LED Pendant

Another piece of geek jewellery

The EMF TilDA Badge Doorbell

Doing some overdue DIY with the EMF Camp badge, radio and AVR

Photo-realistic hands

Rendering photorealistic hands for Manchester University

Burberry Kisses, with Google and Grow Interactive

WebGL based map scenes

Museum of Rural Life Smart Audio Guide

An automated recommendation system for museums

Linear Rail Time Lapse

Giving a little more oomph to timelapse photography

Coin Detection at the British Museum

Using OpenCV to extract, clean and stitch coins

Phantom Limb at the Science Museum

Our work, in the science museum

The Carp and the Seagull

An interactive movie, in WebGL, with Nexus Interactive

A Touch Wall under the M1 Motorway

Trying to build a touchscreen wall for Electromagnetic Field

3D Organ Reconstruction

Working with the University of Leeds on 3D reconstruction with computer vision.

Animation12 - The Boom Box!

Prop making for science!

Building a Vertical Touch Wall

Welding together a frame for a vertical touchscreen

User Interfaces in OpenGL

Some thoughts on OpenGL-based user interfaces.

Modern OpenGL

Some thoughts and code on modern OpenGL

Stereo Vision

So how does stereovision actually produce 3D images then?

BSides London 2012

A went to a security conference in London

Minimus and Sega

Using the Minimus dev board to link a megadrive pad to a mac.

Resonate Festival

As part of my final duties at CSM, I went to the Resonate Festival in Belgrade, Serbia.

Spying and starting services with OSX

How to spy and take control of many Macs for fun and profit!

Phantom Limb Pain

Investigating Phantom Limb Pain with the Kinect and VR

A Mosaic of snaffled images

Using OpenMP and some neat python to show students how to be secure, through intelligent vandalism!

Linux and Lion together at last (almost)

Dual booting on a mac isn't the easiest of things.

Lowry to Life

An outdoor installation, celebrating LS Lowry


Taking over 50 plus iMacs for fun a profit! A Botnet for art.

MongoDB Fun with Cinder

Learning a little NoSQL

OSX Admin for the lulz

Messing about with a room full of brand new iMacs

Defeating Firewalls

Getting around annoying firewalls

Node and Mongo

It's all about the sexy new technologies!

Running with Nginx

Sorting out my webserver with some lovely nginx.


Mapping where all the evil hackers who bash my server are, in WebGL

Animation11 - Only

An art installation for Digital festivals

Only Installation at the Lowry

A homage to Trent Reznor - A Giant pinboard

Wireless Headtracking and FabLab

Wireless, almost perfect headtracking

Deutsche Bank Installation

A massive installation for Deutsche Bank, written in Cinder


Lets make a sous-vide cooker!

Cinder Shadow Volumes

Making pretty, realtime shadows

British Library Tweet-o-meter

An installation at the British Library.

Structured Light

If Radiohead can do it, so can I!

How Leaky is your Country?

Promoting wikileaks with an interesting graphic

TouchTable DJ Decks

Lets make a touch turntable!


Getting kids into computing