British Library Tweet-o-meter


british library

Last night was the official launch of "Growing Knowledge", an exhibition at the British Library. Originally created by Steven Gray, the Tweet-o-meters have emerged into the real world. Im quite proud of how it's all gone and, despite my bitching, Easy Tiger Creative did a good job on the finish. The evening was quite interesting; far too many people in suits and not enough lab-coats in my opinion. Still, it's great to see your creations come to life. Thanks also go to my boss, Andy Hudson-Smith, who's excellent salesmanship got us in there in the first place.


Steven's meters provide a JSON file, which my Ruby script pulls down and parses. With a modified version of the Arduino Gauges program by Russ Garett, two Arduinos and a load of soldering later, the tweet-o-meters accurately rate the Twitter activity in 9 cities around the world.

A full set of photos is available on my Flickr Page.

The exhibition is due to run for 9 months and is free. Please go and check it out if you are near Kings Cross. You'll love it!